Lilla Hov and Bollstad on Bolmsö

We are on Bolmsö!

On Bolmsö, the largest island among 364 other islands in the lake of Bolmen, we have our favorite places which we would like to share with you if you wish. Here we are living a bit like spare time farmers. Furthermore, we have two cottages for rent.

Bolmsö, an old viking island with many historic remnants from the 12th century is located in Småland in the south of Sweden. Today, about 370 people are living on the island but during summer the population can increase threefold. Many tourists have discovered the island and its beautiful nature and return to Bolmsö year after year.

Every season has its delight and we offer you and your family a nice vacation visit in one of our cottages in a calm location near the lake, to fishing, bathing and nature.



Leif Bjurka and Marie Wallén
Bollstad 3
341 93 Bolmsö

Contact us for booking and more information.



Leif 070-530 13 13
+46 70 530 13 13
Marie 070-590 47 60
+46 70 590 47 60